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Bowling Tips (Can't Carry The Corners?)

Can't Carry The Corners? : Bowling Tip

Ever hear "why is everybody carrying but me?" There is a reason for this. There is a very fine line between knocking them all down and not. This is usually a very simple process. If hitting the pocket on a regular basis and carry is less than 40%, try moving your eyes closer to the foul line on the same target line you are using. This will get the ball into an earlier roll which could fix the problem. If this does not seem to work, move your target down the lane a few feet. This will usually give the ball a little more skid and produce more power towards the back of the lane. Remember that carry is not luck, it is produced by being lined up correctly. One person is not luckier than the other. They are just lined up correctly. It's not how many times you hit the pocket, but how.


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