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  • Washout
    The 1-2-10 or 1-2-4-10 for right-handers and the 1-3-7 or 1-3-6-7 for lefties.
  • Water in the ball
    A weak ball, one that leaves an 8-10, 5-7 or 5-10.
  • WIBC
    Women's International Bowling Congress.
  • Winding them in
    Refers to big-hook-ball bowlers who get their hooks around the pocket consistently.
  • Web
    Distance between the finger holes, usually one-quarter to three-eights of an inch. (bridge)

  • Weight block
    The area of the ball which is drilled. Allowable tolerances are three ounces difference between the top and bottom of the ball and not more than one ounce difference between the sides to the right and left of the finger holes or between the sides in front and back of the finger holes. 'Negative weight' means there is less top weight than bottom weight; this will cause the ballšs hook to be delayed until the very last second. Generally, top weight, finger weight, and right side weight produce more hook; bottom weight, thumb weight and left side weight reduce the hook and/or hold back the action of the ball.
  • Wood
    1) In handicapping, the number of pins given; 2) in scoring, the number of pins knocked down; 3) general reference to a pin or pins.
  • Wooden bottles
  • Woolworth
    The 5-10 split (the 5-7 is called the 'Kresge'). (dime store)
  • Working ball
    A ball with enough action to mix the pins on an off-pocket hit and have them scramble each other for a strike. The same ball will break up splits when it hits the nose.
  • Wrap around
    A tap of the 10-pin when the 6-pin appears to 'wrap around' it, missing it.
  • Wrist master
    One of the many contraptions work by bowlers designed to help keep a firm wrist during the backswing.


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