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  • Take off a mark
    When counting marks (see counting marks), removing or not adding a mark because a bowler scored five or less on a spare or double.
  • Tandem
    Two pins, one behind the other. (barmaid, bicycle, double wood, one­in­the­dark, sleeper)
  • Tap
    When a pin stands on an apparent perfect strike hit. (burner, rap, touch)
  • Team captain
    Team member responsible for all the members being present, arranging for substitutes, and determining the team lineup.
  • Telephone poles
    Heavy pins.
  • The fire's out
    Common expression used when a string of strikes comes to an end.

  • Thin hit
    A pocket hit when the ball barely touches the headpin.
  • 300 game
    A perfect game consisting of 12 strikes in a row.
  • 300 game jinx
    It is customary when someone starts a game with a string of strikes not to mention the possibility of scoring 300, which would 'jinx' the player.
  • Three quarter bucket
    Three of the four pins of the bucket; three of the 2-4-5-8, 1-2-3-5, or 3-5-6-9.
  • Three quarters
    Spot where bowlers place ball upon delivery, midway between right corner and center of lane and three-fourths of the width of the lane from the left corner (vice versa for lefties). A popular starting point.
  • Throwing rocks
    Piling up strikes with a speed ball.
  • Tickler
    When the 6-pin gently topples the 10-pin from the channel resulting in a strike; the 6-pin is the 'tickler.'
  • Topping the ball
    At ball release, fingers go over top of ball instead of behind or to the side; ball has little power or action at the pins. Caused by keeping the thumb in the ball too long.
  • Touch
    Pin standing on a good hit. (burner, rap, tap)
  • Track
    1) Area most used on lane, creating a path to pins; 2) area on a bowling ball where it rolls and picks up minute particles.
  • Triple
    Three strikes in a row. (turkey)
  • Tripped 4
    When the 2 pin takes out the 4 by bouncing off the kickback.
  • Tumbler
    A strike in which the pins appear to fall individually.
  • Tunnel block
    See 'Blended condition.'
  • Turkey
    Three strikes in a row. (triple)
  • Turn
    Motion of the hand and wrist toward pocket area at point of ball release.


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