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  • Sanctioned
    Competition in accordance with American Bowling Congress or Womenıs International Bowling Congress rules.
  • Sandbagger
    Bowler who keeps his average down purposely in order to receive a higher handicap than he deserves.
  • Sandwich game A 200 game scored by alternating strikes and spares. (Dutch 200)
  • Scenic route
    Path taken by a big curve ball.

  • Schleifer
    Thin-hit strike where pins seem to fall one by one.
  • Scratch
    Without benefit of handicap; actual score.
  • Semi-fingertip
    A ball drilling that allows the ball to rest on the pads between the second and third joints of the third and fourth fingers. More powerful than a conventional grip, less powerful than a full fingertip grip, it is generally not recommended.
  • Semi-roller
    A ball that rolls on a track just outside the thumb-hole. Also called a semi-spinner. This type of ball is considered the most powerful and has displaced the full-roller in professional bowling.
  • Separation
    The distance you allow between your standing position and where you want the ball placed on the lane to hit the target.
  • Set
    Ball holding in the pocket.
  • Shadow ball
    A ball rolled in practice without the pins being set, usually for five minutes or just one or two balls before competition play.
  • Short pin
    A pin rolling on the alley bed which just fails to reach and hit a standing pin.
  • Shotgun shot
    Rolling the ball from the hip.
  • Sidearming; sidewheeling
    Allowing the arm to draw away from its proper position during back and forward swing.
  • Sideboards
    Vertical division between lanes at the pit end. (kickbacks)
  • Sixpack
    Six strikes in a row.
  • Sleeper
    A pin directly behind another pin; respectively: 8-4, 5-1, 9-3. (barmaid, bicycle, double wood, mother­in­law, one­in­the­dark, tandem)
  • Slick
    Land condition highly polished; tends to hold back hook. Not the same as oily.
  • Slide
    The last step of the delivery.
  • Slot, slot alley
    Lane on which strikes come easy caused by a track worn into the lane.
  • Slot grip
    A grip on the bowling ball where the area between the third and fourth fingers is drilled away, resulting in one large finger hole.
  • Small ball
    Type of ball that doesnıt mix the pins; must hit pocket perfectly for strikes.
  • Snake eyes
    The 7-10 split. (bedposts, fence posts, goal posts, mule ears)
  • Snow plow
    A ball that clears all the pins for a strike.
  • Soft alley; soft lane
    A lane on which strikes come easy.
  • Sour apple
    1) Weak ball which leaves the 5-7, 5-10 or 5-7-10 split; 2) specifically, the 5-7-10 split.
  • Span
    Distance between thumb and finger holes.
  • Spare
    All pins down with two balls.
  • Spare leave
    Refers to pins standing after first ball is rolled.
  • Spiller
    A light-hit strike in which the pins seem to melt away, taking a longer time than other strike hits.
  • Splasher
    A strike where the pins are downed quickly.
  • Splice
    Area of lane where maple and pine boards join. (break of the boards, dovetails, piano keys)
  • Split
    A spare leave in which the headpin is down and the remaining combination of pins have an intermediate pin down immediately ahead of or between them. (hole, railroad)
  • Spot bowling
    Target on lane at which the bowler aims; could be a dot, a board, or an arrow.
  • Squeeze
    The action of the second and third fingers against the thumb, much like snapping the fingers, as they deliver the ball.
  • Steal
    To get more pins than you deserve on a strike hit.
  • Stiff, stiff alley
    A lane with a tendency to hold a hook ball back.
  • Strap the ball
    Get maximum lift.
  • Strike
    All ten pins down on the first ball. See also double, turkey, four- and five-bagger, and sixpack. Seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven strikes in a row are called seven-in-a-row, eight-in-a-row, etc.
  • Strike out
    To get all three available strike in the tenth frame or, similarly, finish the game from any point with strikes.
  • Strike split
    The 8-10 for right-handers and the 7-9 for lefties; ball looks good but splits.
  • String
    Three or more consecutive strikes. Also, in some areas, one game of bowling.
  • Stroke
    The arm and hand motion during the act of delivery over the foul line.
  • Sweeper
  • 1) A wide-breaking hook which carries a strike as though the pins were pushed with a broom; 2) a night of league bowling, previously designated, where bowling fees go toward high-scoring individuals or teams for that night.
  • Sweepstakes
    Bowling tournament
  • Swing shot
    Marshall Holmanıs favorite. Starts at third arrow, goes to second and back to pocket; for bowlers with lots of hook. See 'line ball' and 'point shot.'
  • Swiss cheese ball
    A ball used in pro shops to determine a bowler's finger size and span for drilling.


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