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  • Rail
    1) The 1-2-4-7 or 1-3-6-10 spare; a 'little rail' is the rail minus one of the end pins (1, 7, or 10). (picket fence) 2) The outside board of a lane, usually made of harder wood such as maple, which with wear may stand above the inner playing surface and cause balls to track along it rather than go into the channel.
  • Railroad
    A wide open split with both pins on the same line (4-6, 7-9, 8-10, 7-10). (hole)

  • Range finders
    Two sets of markers embedded in the surface of the lane. One is a set of ten dots seven feet beyond the foul line. The other is nine feet farther down the lane in a triangular arrangement of seven arrows. Both are used to help establish a target line.
  • Rap
    When a single pin remains standing on a good hit. (burner, tap, touch)
  • Rat club
    A team shooting horribly low scores for one game.
  • Reading the lanes
    Discovering whether a lane hooks or holds, and where the best place is to roll the ball to score high.
  • Release
    Hand motion as ball is put onto lane.
  • Reset
    Resetting the pins when off spot.
  • Return
    The track on which balls roll from pit to ball rack.
  • Reverse
    An emphatic backup.
  • Reverse block
    See 'Blended condition.'
  • Reverse pitch
    Finger or thumb hole angled away from the center of the ball.
  • Revolutions
    The number of turns a ball takes when traveling from the release to the pins.
  • Ringing ten-burner
    A shot to the pocket which appears to be fine but leaves the 10-pin.
  • Right lateral pitch, or right side pitch
    Finger or thumb hole angled toward palm of hand.
  • Rotation
    The spin imparted to the ball at the moment of delivery which results in pin 'action'; specifically, motion of the pins which is horizontal, rather than vertical, since a horizontally spinning pin covers more of the lane.
  • Rug jerker
    A 5-pin that is swept out to the right on a strike ball as if someone had jerked the rug out from under it.
  • Run, running late
    A lane on which the ball hooks easily.
  • Runway
    Starting area; ends at foul line, where lane begins. (platform, approach)


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