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  • Pack
    A full count of ten.
  • Par
    200 game; bowling over or under 'par', etc.
  • Part of the building
    Expression referring to the 7, 8 or 10 pin when it stands after what seems to be a perfect hit (part of the house).
  • Perfect game
    Twelve strikes in a row with a count of 30 pins per frame resulting in a score of 300.
  • Pick
    To knock down only the front pin from a spare leave. (cherry, chop)
  • Picket fence
    The 1-2-4-7 or 1-3-6-10 spares. (rail)
  • Piano keys
    See 'break of the boards.'
  • Pie, Pie alley
    A lane that is easy to score on.

  • Pin bowling
    Using the entire rack of pins as a target. Before arrows, and before the break of the boards was noticeable, it was difficult to sight far down the lane since all the boards looked very similar.
  • Pinching the ball
    Gripping the ball too hard.
  • Pin deck
    Area 60' from the foul line where pins stand; usually has dark-colored spots where the pins are aligned.
  • Pindicator
    Lighted display board above the pins showing which ones are standing.
  • Pine
    Softer wood used beyond division boards; takes over where the maple 'heads' end.
  • Pit
    Space at end of lane where ball and pins wind up.
  • Pitch
    Angle at which holes in bowling ball are drilled. Reverse pitch is a drilling that heads away from the front of the ball; positive pitch is the opposite.
  • Platform
    Part of the lane from the very back of the ball return area to the foul line. (approach, runway)
  • Plugged ball
    Balls which do not fit a playerıs hand can be re-drilled after being plugged. The PBA does not allow plugged balls.
  • Pocket
    The 1-3 for right-handers and 1-2 for lefties.
  • Point the ball
    To aim more directly at the pocket, high and tight.
  • Point Shot
    Start from first arrow and throw over first arrow; ball goes straight at pocket. See also 'swing shot' and 'point shot.'
  • Poison ivy
    The 3-6-10.
  • Poodle
    To roll a gutter ball.
  • Position rounds
    Designated parts of a league or tournament schedule which call for teams or players to meet each other based on their standings. First place meets second, third meets fourth, etc.
  • Pot game
    Competition in which two or more bowlers post some sort of stake and high man takes it all.
  • Powder puff, puff ball
    Slow ball that fails to carry the pins.
  • Powerhouse
    A hard, strong ball which strikes.
  • Preparation
    Of your hand, the ball and other equipment; checking the lane for oil, dirt and a full rack of pins, etc.
  • Professional Bowlers Association (PBA)
    Determines requirements for membership, entry fees for local and national PBA tournaments, and monitors player conduct.
  • Puddle
    A gutter ball.
  • Pull the rug
    To have the ball just touch the headpin, at which time the pins appear to dance until the last second when they all seem to collapse at once, resulting in a strike.
  • Pumpkin
    Ball thrown without spin that hits soft.
  • Punch out
    To end a game from any point with all strikes.
  • Pushaway
    Movement of the ball and starting foot together which begins the 'approach.'


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