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  • One-in-the-dark
    Rear pin in the 1-5, 2-8 or 3-9 spare. (barmaid, bicycle, double wood, mother­in­law, sleeper, tandem)
  • On the nose
    A head-on hit to the headpin; frequently causes a split.

  • Open
    A frame that doesnąt have a strike or spare. (blow, error, miss)
  • Open bowling
    Nonleague or nontournament play, for fun or practice.
  • Out and in
    A wide hook rolled from the center of the lane toward the gutter; the ball hooks back to the pocket, going out, then in.
  • Out of bounds
    Area on the lanes where the ball won't make it back to the pocket.
  • Outside
    Corner or near corner position of playing lanes; use is not as extreme as 'gutter shot.'
  • Over
    In professional bowling, 200 per game is considered 'par.' The number of pins above 200 is the number of pins 'over', or in the black.
  • Over-turn
    To apply too much spin to the ball and not enough finger lift, preventing the ball from having proper action. When the thumb stays in too long, the ball is said to be overturned. The thumb should come out first, allowing the fingers to lift the ball forward and spin it to the side.


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