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  Bowling Term (L)

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  • Lane
    Playing surface. Wooden or urethane deck 62'10-3/4' long and 42 inches wide with ten pins spaced one foot apart 60 feet from the foul line. Pins are on and gutters are at the side, not part of, the lane. Does not include the 'approach.'
  • Late 10
    When the 10 pin hesitates and is the last to go down on a strike.
  • Leadoff man
    First man in a team lineup.
  • Left lateral pitch, or left side pitch
    Finger or thumb hole angled away from palm of hand.
  • Leave
    Those pins not knocked down on the first ball.
  • Leverage
    Power generated by the sliding and lifting motion of the legs.
  • Lift
    The upward motion of the ball imparted by the fingers at the point of release.
  • Light
    Not full on the target pin; too much on the Jersey side.

  • Light seven
    A hit too light on either side of the head pin resulting in the 2-4-5 or 3-5-6.
  • Light wood
    Bowling pins that weight between three pounds and three pounds-two ounces. Three-pound six-ounce pins are required for ABC competition, but light pins produce higher scores (and, from a proprietorıs viewpoint, shorter games).
  • Lilly
    The 5-7-10 split.
  • Line
    1) The path a bowling ball takes; 2) one game of bowling.
  • Line ball
    Straight shot at pocket on and over second arrow, breaks at back into pocket. For relatively straight ball players without huge hook. See also 'swing shot' and 'point shot.'
  • Loafing
    Not lifting or turning the ball properly, with the result that the ball lags and doesnıt reach the target, usually rolling off to the right.
  • Loft
    Portion of the swing usually associated with how far past the foul line the ball travels before it hits the lane; may be modified to increase or decrease the ball's axis of rotation.
  • Lofting
    Throwing the ball well out onto the lane rather than rolling it.
  • Logs
    Very heavy pins, up to four pounds in weight, used for practice.
  • Looper
    An extra-wide hook ball, usually slow.
  • Loose hit
    A light pocket hit, closer to directly in the 3-pin rather than on the headpin, as opposed to a high hit.
  • Lose count
    To miss count of pins that could be knocked down. Caused by the way score is kept; a bowler on a strike leaving four on the first ball and two on the second 'loses count' of the remaining four pins since the total of the next two balls is added when on a strike.
  • Love tap
    A tap from a moving pin, usually off the wall/sideboard, which delicately knocks it down.
  • Low
    Light or thin hit on the headpin ('low in the pocket'), as opposed to a high hit.


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