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  Bowling Term (H)

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  • Half hit
    Midway between a full and a light hit.
  • Handicap
    Pins awarded to individuals or teams in an attempt to equalize competition.
  • Hard way
    1)Rolling 200 by alternating strikes and spares (Dutch 200), 2) Making the 2-7 or 3-10 by deflecting the front pin into the back, rather than hitting both pins with the ball.
  • Head pin
    Front or Number 1 pin of a rack.

  • High board
    Due to atmospheric conditions, a board in a lane may expand or contract a tiny bit, but enough to change the course of a ball rolling in that area. Most boards contract, leaving a low area or a low board, but it is still (mis)termed a high board.
  • High hit
    1)Ball contacting a pin near its center, 2) A first ball that hits the center of the head pin.
  • Higher
    More to the left (for right-handers, and vice versa for lefties).
  • Hold, holding alley
    A lane that resists the hooking action of a ball.
  • Hole
    1) The 1-3 pocket, 1-2 for lefties; 2) another name for 'split' (railroad), 4) an open
  • Home alley
    Favorite lane or pair of lanes for individual or teams.
  • Honey
    A good ball.
  • Hook
    A ball that breaks to the left for right-handers and to the right for lefties.
  • Hook alley
    A lane on which the ball will hook easily.
  • Hot
    When a bowler or team starts lining up strikes.
  • House
    Bowling center.
  • House ball
    Bowling ball provided by the center.


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