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  Bowling Term (G)

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  • Garbage hit
    A hit that doesn't enter the pocket but results in a strike anyway.
  • Getting the wood
    1) A better than average score; 2) making sure you take one pin down (or as many pins as is easily possible) on an almost impossible split.
  • Goal posts
    The 7-10 split. (bedposts, fence posts, mule ears, snake eyes)
  • Golden gate
    The 4-6-7-10 split. (big ears, big four, double pinochle)

  • Grab
    Means the friction between the lane and the ball is good, causing a sudden hook.
  • Grandma's teeth
    A random array of pins left standing.
  • Grasshopper
    An effective ball, particularly on light pocket hits.
  • Graveyards
    Low-scoring lanes. In a high-scoring center, applied to the lowest scoring pair.
  • Greek Church
    Split leave when three pins remain standing on one side of the lane and two on the other (the pins resemble church steeples).
  • Groove
    Ball track or indentation in lane. Also applied to bowler who is performing well and has his approach and armswing almost mechanically perfect.
  • Gutter
    Depression approximately 9.5 inches wide to the right and the left of the lane to guide the ball to the pit should it leave the playing surface. (channel)
  • Gutter ball
    A ball that goes into the gutter.
  • Gutter shot
    Technique developed by pros of rolling ball from extreme edge of lane, usually the first inch.


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