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  • Faith, Hope, Charity
    The 2-7-10 or 3-7-10 split. (Christmas tree)
  • Fast
    In different sections of the country the meaning is the opposite. In one area (A) it means a lane that allows a ball to hook easily, while in another area (B) it means a lane that holds down the hook.
  • Fence posts
    The 7-10 split. (bed posts, goal posts, mule ears, snake eyes)
  • Field goal
    Ball rolled between two pins of a wide split.
  • Fill
    Pins knocked down following a spare or following two strikes which are added to the ten or twenty pins, respectively, when scoring.
  • Fill ball; fill frame
    Final 10th-frame shot which adds ten or less pins.
  • Finger grips
    Inserts which can be placed into the finger and/or thumb holes to allow the bowler to both hang onto the ball better and impart spin at delivery.

  • Fingertip
    Type of bowling ball grip where the fingers are far enough from the thumb that they can only be inserted into the ball as deep as the first joint. Allows a great amount of spin to be imparted to the ball because of the large span between thumb and fingers, but requires a strong wrist and much practice to master.
  • Fit split
    Any split where itıs possible for the ball to hit both pins.
  • Five-bagger
    Five strikes in a row.
  • Flat alley
    A lane that despite perfect levelness doesn't run or hold with respect to the action of the ball.
  • Flat arc
    The curved path of a ball in process of delivery when it is too low to the approach or off to either side and so not part of a perfect circle.
  • Flat ball
    Ineffective ball; few revolutions, little action.
  • Floater
    A ball that goes where the lane lets it; the ball is released badly with no particular lift or turn.
  • Flying elbow
    See 'chicken wing.'
  • Follow-through
    Motion after release. Should be toward the pin you're aiming at and may include a second 'shadow' swing without the ball.
  • Forward pitch
    Finger or thumb hole angled toward center of ball.
  • Foul
    Touching or going beyond the foul line at delivery.
  • Foul line
    The mark that determines the beginning of the lane, 60' this side of the head pin, where the gutters start. Usually red. Has detector lights ('foul lights') and a buzzer to alert your team and opponents to your clumsiness. Crossing it gets you a count of zero for that ball and, if on the first ball, a shot at a new rack of pins.
  • Foundation
    A strike in the ninth frame; base for three possible strikes in the tenth frame.
  • Four-bagger
    Four strikes in a row.
  • Four-step line
    Usually a row of dots closest to the foul line; the dots further back are for five-step deliveries.
  • Frame
    A tenth part of a game of bowling.
  • Frozen rope
    A ball rolled with excessive speed almost straight into the pocket.
  • Fudge
    Decrease revolutions on the ball; a weak shot producing a weak ball, done on purpose to cut down the hook.
  • Full hit
    A ball striking near the center of the head pin on a strike attempt or the middle of any pin you may be aiming at.
  • Full roller
    A ball that rolls over its full circumference.
  • Funnel block
    See 'Blended condition.'


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