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  Bowling Term (D)

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  • Darts
    The 'arrows' located between 12 and 16 feet beyond the foul line; used for targeting. The ABC requires that each dart be no more than 1­1/4' in width, 6' in length, and must be equidistant from each other.
  • Dead apple, dead ball
    Ball that fades or deflects badly when it hits the pins; very ineffective.
  • Dead wood
    Pins knocked down but remaining on the lane or in the gutter; must be removed before continuing play.
  • Deflection
    The movement of the ball when it comes into contact with the pins and angles away to one side or the other.
  • Delivery
    Preparation + Release + Follow-through
  • Deuce
    A 200 game or 200 average; see also 'par.'
  • Dime store
    The 5-10 split (5-7 is the 'Kresge'). (Woolworth)

  • Dinner bucket
    Four-pin diamond on sides or center of lane (2-4-5-8, 3-5-6-9, or 1-2-3-5). (bucket)
  • Dive
    The action of a ball that hooks greatly at the last split second.
  • Division boards
    Where the pine and maple meet on a lane; see also 'break of the boards.'
  • D.O.A.
    Dead on arrival'; a ball with no action or power on it often resulting in a split.
  • Dodo
    A bowling ball over the legal weight or out of legal balance.
  • Dots
    Dots on the approach are used to set the bowler's feet at the start of the approach. Dots on the lane can be used to put the ball down on/toward or to swing thorough a visualized line between the dots and the arrows.
  • Dry, dry lanes
    Lanes with very little oil applied to them.
  • Double
    Two strikes in a row; scores twenty plus the number of pins knocked down on the next ball.
  • Double pinochle
    The 4-6-7-10 split. (big ears, big four, golden gate)
  • Double wood
    Two pins when one is directly behind the other; 1-5, 2-8, 3-9. (barmaid, bicycle, double wood, one­in­the­dark, sleeper, tandem)
  • Dovetails
    Area of lane where maple and pine boards join. (break of the boards, piano keys, splice)
  • Drive
    Another name for alley or lane. Also the revolving action of a ball as it contacts the pins.
  • Dummy
    Score allowed for an absent member, usually the average minus ten or a set score (for example, 140 for men and 120 for women); considered a penalty. (blind)
  • Dump the ball
    Releasing the ball without bending the knee; may damage the lane.
  • Dutch 200
    A 200 game scored by alternating strikes and spares. (sandwich game).


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