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  Bowling Term (C)

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  • Call the numbers
    Pins left standing are always announced in numerical sequence (1񩻮7, not 1񩻯6).
  • Carry
    Ability of the ball to knock down the pins (as in 'carry more pins').
  • CC
    A 200 game; stands for 'double century.'
  • Channel
    Depression approximately 9.5 inches wide to the right and the left of the lane to guide the ball to the pit should it leave the playing surface. (gutter)
  • Charge
    Term used by pros to described a sensational spurt of high scoring.
  • Charts
    Records kept by bowlers to remind them of which shot to play on a given lane.
  • Cheesy cakes
    Lanes on which strikes come easy.

  • Cherry
    Chopping the front pin of a spare leave while a pin behind and/or to the left or right remains standing. (chop)
  • Chicken wing
    When a bowler lets his elbow get away from his body during the swing; generally considered an unacceptable style, but has been used by bowlers with physical problems, notably Don Carter, although he used a bent elbow on the backswing only. (flying elbow)
  • Choke
    1) Failure to accomplish objective because of nervousness or fright; 2) cutting arm swing short. (apple)
  • Chop
    Chopping the front pin of a spare leave while a pin behind and/or to the left or right remains standing. (cherry)
  • Christmas tree
    The 3-7-10 or 2-7-10.
  • Cincinnati
    The 8-10 split.
  • Classified
    Leagues or tournaments with average limitations.
  • Clean game
    Strike or spare in each frame (i.e., no open frames).
  • Clothesline
    The 1-2-4-7 or 1-3-6-10.
  • Clutch
    Pressure situation.
  • Come up
    Hook into the pocket caused by spin on the axis.
  • Conversion
    Making' a spare; i.e., knocking down all the pins that remain with a second ball. Usually used only when remarking on the conversion of splits.
  • Count
    Number of pins knocked down on the first ball of each frame.
  • Counting marks
    In team competition, it is common to total the number of marks per frame as the frame is completed. A spare or strike is one mark; a double is two marks, a turkey is three. See also 'take off a mark.'
  • Cracked thumb
    Actual cracks that appear on the calluses of a bowler箂 thumb.
  • Cranker
    Bowler who uses cranking motion (lift and turn) at the top of the backswing to generate high speed and considerable hooking action.
  • Crawler
    A strike produced by missing the head pin. Usually the 4, 2, and 1 fall slowly onto each other in that order (or 6, 3, 1) in domino fashion.
  • Creeper
    Slow ball.
  • Crooked arm
    Hook ball bowler who tends to bend his elbow.
  • Cross
    Going to the left side for a right-hander and vice-versa for a lefty. (Brooklyn)
  • Crow hopper
    Loose, claw-like grip on ball at release point.
  • Curtain
    Anchor man missing in final frame when a spare would have won for his team.
  • Curve
    Ball that breaks from right to left (for right-handers) in a huge arc (and vice-versa for lefties).
  • Cushion
    Padding at rear of pit to absorb shock of ball and pins.
  • Cutter
    Sharp-breaking hook which seems to slice the pins down.


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